Did You Know We Track the Bejeevers Out of Our Entire Campus?

10 Nov 2015 Did You Know?

We are continuing our three part series highlighting the process of care the Mountrail Bethel Home has in place for its residents. This final week we will be highlighting the Quality Assurance/Infection Control Coordinator, who not only tracks for the Bethel Home, but for the entire campus.

The QA/Infection Control Coordinator is responsible to plan, develop, organize , revise, evaluate, and direct the overall Quality Management/Risk Management (QM/RM) programs in accordance with current state and federal rules and regulations, and as may be directed by the Administrator and Director of Nursing, to ensure the highest degree of quality care, safety, and confidentiality is maintained at all times for Mountrail County Health Center (MCHC) which comprises Mountrail County Medical Center (MCMC), Mountrail Bethel Home (MBH), and the T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic.

The Mountrail Bethel Home, Mountrail County Medical Center, and the Clinic’s primary functions are to provide optimal service and quality of care to all that are in need of medical attention and care. The facility’s goal is to constantly strive to provide quality, cost effective health care utilizing all talents and resources available. This can be best achieved through policies and procedures designed to monitor the quality of care, identify problem areas and help in the development of new/improved programs, procedures and practices for our facility. MCHC’s QA/Infection Control Coordinator is responsible for ensuring quality of care, a safe environment and facility-wide compliance of state and federal rules and regulations. This is accomplished through many systems including quarterly audits of department procedures. The QA/IC Coordinator is also responsible for tracking infections throughout the facility, identifying any trends, assuring proper treatment and precautions are in place and educating staff on how to properly handle these occurrences.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of MCMC and MBH! Nobody Takes Care Of You Like Your Own.