Did You Know We Track the Snot Out of Our Residents?

12 Nov 2015 Did You Know?

We are continuing our three part series highlighting the process of care the Mountrail Bethel Home has in place for its residents.This week we will be highlighting the Care Coordinator.

The objective of a Care Coordinator is to manage the delivery of nursing care for each resident as requested by the family.

The Care Coordinator is the central person inside the Mountrail Bethel Home who ensures that quality of care is being given to each resident.She works with the Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, Bethel Home Nurses and the CNAs to ensure the daily routine of care for all levels is being completed for each resident.She also works closely with our physician/providers and goes on rounds to ensure for example the following:

  • She follows up on care issues to make sure all is being done correctly and noticing if things are not.
  • She gets to know the patient inside and out and completes mental health rounds on a monthly basis with each patient.
  • She follows up on labs, infections, medication orders and anything else that pertains to the care of a resident.

Our software contains a special segment called “point of care” which records each element of care delivered for our residents every single day of the year. This enables the Care Coordinator to review what has taken place and determine if changes need to be made as well.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of MCMC and MBH!Nobody Takes Care Of You Like Your Own.And with that statement, we are especially excited to inform the residents of Mountrail County that we are using five percent traveling staff as CNA’s on the floor compared to 99 percent five years ago.This means more local residents are employed by the Bethel Home, enforcing the tag line…..NOBODY TAKES CARE OF YOU LIKE YOUR OWN.