Did You Know What Mountrail County Medical Center’s Relationship With Trinity Health IS?

9 Nov 2015 Did You Know?

Most people probably do not know the relationship between MCMC (our hospital and clinic) and Trinity Health.The fact is that ever since MCMC was founded back in 1997 Mountrail Bethel Home and Trinity Health have been the sole members of this corporation.The six board members are made up of two directors designated by the board of directors of MBH and two directors designated by the board of directors of Trinity Health. The remaining two board members are designated by the other four board members selected above.

Both partners have worked harmoniously together prior to and after the new hospital opened in May of 2002.Having a partnership with a tertiary hospital has enriched our ability to provide the best care possible in our rural community.It enables us to have specialists come to our clinic each month; link our diagnostics such as radiology (x-ray, CT) and lab equipment directly with their radiologists and pathologists for faster medical diagnostic determinations; and is currently allowing us to transition to their software system after MCMC’s computer disaster this past year.This software migration will finally put us in the best of both worlds with 1) an electronic health record that is accessible by both our providers and theirs, when required, to provide optimal care delivery and 2) it allows us finally to get our billing systems straightened out after struggling this past year.Modern times practically mandate a relationship with a larger health system versus the days of old when there was an independent hospital on almost every main street in America.Unfortunately, those days are in the past and fortunately, MCMC is strategically positioning itself to be viable well into the future through our working relationship with Trinity Health.Stay tuned for further developments.

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