Why Do I Have To Present My Insurance Card At Each Visit?

8 Nov 2016 Did You Know?

It is crucial to keep your medical records, personal information and insurance information up to date.  Providing complete and accurate information will benefit you, as a patient, because it makes billing flow more accurately and allows us to contact you with tests results in an efficient manner.

We, like any other medical facility, need to request your insurance card and ID along with updated contact information to ensure our records are accurate and will need to update your records annually.Filling out the patient paperwork in its entirety is vital in preventing errors, and will decrease the risk of a medical visit denial for payment, in turn making it possibly your responsibility for payment.If you have moved, changed phone numbers or insurances please notify the T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic by calling them at 628-2505 so your billing/chart information is correct.

If you get a new insurance card, please bring it in so we can make sure it’s current in your records, even if it is the same policy, for the billing information may have changed.If you and your spouse have separate insurances, please bring both cards in.Also, you as a patient should be ready to pay your
co-pay either in the clinic or emergency department at the time of your visit.That is your arrangement with your insurance company.

A patient can always visit our website at www.stanleyhealth.org and under the “Patients, Families and Visitors” tab access our Patient Web Portal.This patient portal allows you to communicate with MCMC easily and safely, according to your schedule.Once setup, this portal allows you to view and request appointments, request and refill prescriptions, retrieve test results, view your billing statements and balances, make secure credit card payments and communicate with your doctor by sending secure messages over the portal.

We thank you for your continued support.  Nobody takes care of you like your own.