How do I Get in to See The Doctor at The Clinic and What do I do?

14 Nov 2017 Did You Know?

To make an appointment at T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic please call 701-628-2505. Our appointment times are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, unless otherwise posted. Our current providers include: Dr. Mark Longmuir, MD; Tara Nardacci, DNP; Tammie Braaflat, NP, and Abbey Ruland, PA. Most of these providers also cover our Emergency Room and Mountrail Bethel Home. As a result, occasionally, depending whoever is on call, you might not be able to see your scheduled provider on time or at all on a particular day. However, there should almost always be another provider who will take care of your needs. Please note that if you request to see a specific provider for a clinic visit, it may be difficult to get in the same day or even the next day for an appointment. Again, rest assured that we should have appointments available with one of our other providers on the same day. They all work closely together to give you the best possible care, regardless of who you see. Also, if you have a medical question or concern, or feel you may need to be seen sooner than the available appointment time that was given to you, please ask to speak with your provider’s nurse or any nurse. Remember in an Emergency to call 911 or come directly to our Emergency Department.